Eunice Frideger Class of 1927
Gentle and quiet are words descriptive of Eunice who's very studious and self contained. While in Blume High, her work has always been excellent, so that her time has been successfully and pleasantly spent.

The My Heritage section of this website is dedicated to my mother Eunice (Frideger) Reinhart. Who spent many hours working on family genealogy. Without her efforts much of the Reinhart family heritage may have been lost forever? Quite a bit of her work has been available for many years on the internet. As I allowed my cousin August Reinhart years after my Mother's death in 1973 to take the Reinhart genealogy she had compiled to Mesa, Arizona where he lived at the time. While he returned the papers on a later trip back to Ohio. I didn't realize he had shared the genealogy with a distant relative in California. Until years later I found mention of my Mother's work while searching for family info on the internet. Over the years I have found more of her genealogy papers. To my amazement she was able to trace the Frideger name back to the 1600's. As far as I know I have Frideger genealogy that has not been published on the web.

Photo of Ed and Eunice Reinhart
Ed and Eunice Reinhart May 20th, 1928

I am quite lucky to have this picture of Ed and Eunice Reinhart. After one of our Cumming, GA auctions at My Hart Auctions, Inc. I was looking though a box lot that didn't receive a bid. Included in this lot was an old photo album. Much to my surprise the photo album included this picture of my mother and father. Which was taken May 20th, 1928 on the family farm near Wapakoneta, Ohio. I imagine I brought the album to Cumming for safe keeping during my divorce and it got mixed in with the items I had bought to sell at our antique auctions.

DRUGS KILL - April 24th, 2007 marks the death of my youngest son Joseph Lee Reinhart who died of a heroin overdose. I was in Cumming working on family genealogy when my daughter Misty called to tell me of his death. Joe left behind a daughter who will never have a chance to know her father! So sad that Joe only saw his daughter once or twice before his death! Joe had spent the summer of 2003 with me in Cumming, Georgia helping with the antique auctions at My Hart. While supplying and managing the auctions at My Hart Auctions, Inc. I had always taped each auction so we had a video record of each item that crossed the auction block. What I didn't realize at the time was how important the July 4th, 2003 VHS tape would one day become to me! After the auction was over I forgot to turn off the video recorder. Unknown to me at that time Joe was taped talking to my "almost stepdaughter" Melanie Elzey who was our cashier. I am not sure when I learned that this VHS tape existed with Joe recorded on it? But I had pretty much given up hope of ever gaining access to the recording. However on December 27th, 2012 I received one of the best Christmas gifts ever! When the 9 year old antique auction VHS tape that I had recorded came back into my possession.

Author: John Reinhart