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Image of Antique Carved Golden Oak Drop Leaf Parlor Desk
Antique Carved Golden Oak Drop Leaf Parlor Desk

1902 Sears & Roebuck Co. Product No. 1T1434 Description & Price

$6.20 Buys this Handsome Desk that Furniture Stores Ask $10.00 For. No. 1T1434 This Handsome Desk is made of fine, carefully selected and thoroughly seasoned oak; has high golden antique finish; has three drawers with drop table to write on, and drawers and table are fitted with locks and brass pulls. The cabinet is conveniently divided; it has a compartment for hooks, papers and writing material and one pulL drawer in center. The best constructsion throughout. The height of the desk is 4 feet 8 inches; width, 2 feet 6 inches. It is beautifully polished and finished with scroll carvings, an extremely useful and ornamental piece of furniture. Shipped from our factory in Central Illinois. Weight, 80 pounds.

Our price................................. $6.20

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Source: 1902 Sears, Roebuck & Co. Catalogue No. 112