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Image of Antique Base High Grade Acme Kitchen Cabinet
Antique Base High Grade Acme Kitchen Cabinet

1902 Sears & Roebuck Co. Product No. 1T754 Description & Price

Our High Grade Acme Kitchen Cabinets. No. 1T754 The cabinet in this illustration represents our high grade Acme Cabinet, the best cabinet without top In the market, regardless of price. The top is made of selected white wood, 28 inches wide, and 48 inches long. The frame throughout is made of the best grade, selected kiln dried hardwood, beautifully finished. It contains a flour bin which holds 60 pounds of flour, two meal or sugar bins, one bread board and meat board and two large drawers, one of which is partitioned off for spices.

SWINGING BINS. The most unique feature of this cabinet is the construction of the bins, they are poised on the lower cross bar so that they swing forward, causing them to open and shut without a particle of friction and in this respect are far superior to any cabinet on the market in which the drawers either drop or slide on a rail, which requires considerable muscular effort to operate, while the bin in our table as shown in the illustration can be tipped forward with but the slightest effort.

MOUSE AND DUST PROOF. The bottoms are made of wood, which keeps the flour perfectly dry, and when the bins are closed they are perfectly mouse and dust proof. They can be easily lifted out and cleaned, which is not the case with most cabinets of other manufacture. Shipping weight, 100 pounds.

Our special price............ .....$4.95

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Source: 1902 Sears, Roebuck & Co. Catalogue No. 112