Photo of John Reinhart Near Apalachicola Florida
John Reinhart Near Apalachicola Florida January 2013 After Free Antique Furniture Delivery To Florida

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Long before there were TV shows about antique pickers. I was picking American antique furniture in the Midwestern US. Follow along as I blog about my antique picking adventures!

Well actually this isn't a real blog yet. I still need to decide on the PHP software I am going to use to power it. While Wordpress is quite popular I prefer to have more control over my websites than Wordpress would offer. I also enjoy creating my webpage content from scratch by writing my own HTML. Who knows I may even decide to create my own PHP blogging software? I have picked up a fair amount of knownledge of the PHP scripting lanuage over the years. Having written the PHP software that I use to display the auction photos in my photo gallery. With some thought I may adapt the PHP photo album script for my blogging purposes?

I have decided to call my blog the "Return of MyHart". I got the idea from a Michigan auctioneer friend on Facebook recently. As the idea for building my first website developed in 1999 after a buying trip to Michigan. When I started building my first website in 1999 I wished I had interesting content to feature on it! However over the years I have come to realize that the auction pictures I take are of an interest to quite a few people around the world. So I plan to upload some of the early auction photos that I featured on and Antique Furniture.US in years past. Plus document some of the more interesting antique picking adventures that I have in the future.

My Grandfather homesteaded in Michigan during the 1890's and worked in a logging camp there as a cook. I have quite a few personal letters that he received during those years that I hope to share. During the early 1900's he would return to Michigan to visit friends and relatives. I have a few photos taken on those trips that I plan to scan and upload as time allows. One of my goals for many years has been to visit the area of Michigan he homesteaded. Hopefully during the summer of 2013 I can make a buying trip to Michigan, visit my almost "step daughter" Melanie Elzey who now lives there with JD and view the site of my Grandfather's homestead. Oddly I had forgotten until looking at webpages long since removed. That in the early days of being online I had planned to feature my family's heritage on My Mother loved genealogy and early on I dedicated the heritage portion of to her!

Photo of John Reinhart

No the MyHart avatar photo at the top of this page is not how I look today LOL! I took the photo for a Facebook post before attending a Halloween party during 2012. Because I recieved quite a few positive comments about it I thought it would be fun to use for my bogging avatar. From Wikipedia "In computing, an avatar is the graphical representation of the user or the user's alter ego or character." While I am quite serious when it comes to promoting the auctions I am associated with I also like to make it fun! As they say take time to smell the roses along the way! If you are not a Facebook fan of 129S Antiques & More Auction please consider it. We post lots of humerous photos on Facebook normally not seen elsewhere and it's a good way of learning about our future auctions.

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